Lifestyle Changes

The concept of changing your lifestyle is exciting. Imagine the luxury lifestyle that would come from winning the lottery, now imagine the luxury of a healthier life. You cannot guarantee winning the lottery, but you can guarantee the fun and freedom that comes with

  • greater fitness
  • better nutrition
  • stronger muscles
  • and a pain free backĀ 

You do not want to make radical changes, rather you want to make enjoyable changes. No one stays committed to radical changes. We will help you make lifestyle changes at a pace that is comfortable for you.

At Rettay Chiropractic, we have a weekly Health Care Class on Monday evenings. We understand some of the biggest factors influencing overall health are our lifestyle choices. Choices we make everyday. We develop habits in the way we eat, our activity levels, our sleep patterns, and the way we cope with the stresses of daily life. These choices can radically change every aspect of our health. They affect our body weight, energy levels, self-esteem, cardiovascular health, blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and just about every other major health marker. What we have to accomplish daily does not have to control our life style decisions.

In our office we have exercise equipment and we will show you how to gain the most from using it. We will teach you how to combine aerobic and anaerobic exercise to begin some lasting lifestyle changes.