Trainer Tips

The topic of proper nutrition is everywhere you look these days. There is advice about supplements, diets, vitamins, recipes, and pills. All of these things cost money and do they really work? There is a sure way to improve your quality of life that doesn’t involve wasting money – you can eat right. Knowing you need to eat right and having the knowledge, motivation, and guidance to actually do it are two very different things. You may question what does it really mean to eat right? Remember, you are what you eat! If you want to be soft and fluffy then eat puffy, soft, gushy foods but if you want to be lean and active then eat fresh, clean, whole foods. Knowing what is right for you and your body to feel its best can be difficult. I offer nutrition couseling, exercise guidelines and programs, and group training at Rettay Chiropractic. It can be very confusing to navigate through the maze of information, I’m here to help. Call me to set up your personal appointment or find out more information on the services I offer at Rettay Chiropractic – 859-462-0108 or email me.

Lisa Moellering

Certified Personal Trainer

Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant