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Computerized Patient Records

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In compliance with the new Health Care Law we are switching our records to an electronic “paperless” format.  This is the biggest change in our office proceedures since we started using computers.  Unfortunately we can expect some “bugs”.   I am asking ALL of my patients to give me feedbak on postive or negative changes they notice.  As we gain more experience with our new system,  I’m sure that we will be able to improve your overall patient experience in our office.   Once again. I really want to know what you think. You can call the office, talk to me directly or post on our Facebook page. Yours in Health Larry Mikkelson

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This Video Could Change Your Life

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This nine minute video describes the one thing all of us to do daily to get the biggest healt benefit.  To view the video simply follow this link:

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What is Interval Training?

»Posted by on Nov 9, 2011 in Exercise | Comments Off on What is Interval Training?

Interval Training   Like Circuit Training, Interval Training involves timed segments of specific exercises.  The difference being that interval training focuses on specific muscle groups or regions.     The main characteristic of interval training involves alternating between 2 exercises involving 2 regions of the body.  To gain the maximum aerobic benefit, stations should be pre set to minimize down time.  Here is an example of an interval training session for the chest and back muscles.  The trainer has selected 3 chest training exercises and 3 back training exercises.                           Chest Exercises                        Back Exercises             Interval Time: 60...

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Seven Tips For An Ergonomic Workstation

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Sitting for hours on end at your desk is a trauma to the body. The short term effects of this may include neck pain, headaches, low and mid back issues or shoulder problems. Years of poor work posture can lead to permant degenerative changes in the spine. While it is impossible to completely eliminate the negative effects of your workstation, we can take several steps to greatly reduce the stress on our neck and back. 1. Computer Screen :  Looking down with our head in front of our shoulders is very stressful to the upper back and neck.   Raise the computer monitor so the top of the screen is at eye level.  Also the distance from eye to screen should be such that we are not leaning into (or away from) the computer.  2. Posture: The configuration of our desk...

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Auto Accident Injuries and FAQ

»Posted by on Aug 31, 2011 in Chiropractic Care, Injuries and Rehabilitation | Comments Off on Auto Accident Injuries and FAQ

A motor vehicle accident may be the most traumatic event many of us will experience. The injuries that occur can range from minor cuts and scrapes to life changing events. One of the most common traumas we see in our office is what’s known as a “whiplash injury”.  When a car hits something (or is hit) the vehicle may stop or suddenly be accelerated.  In this situation, the weight of the patient’s head causes the neck to violent flex forward and/or extend backwards.  This often damages soft tissue structures such as muscles, tendons and ligaments and may disrupt the normal function of joints in the neck.  Shoulders and low back can be damaged when we grip the wheel and our bodies are wrenched around during the accident.  Even the...

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