Don’t Wait, Battle the Bulge Now!!

» Posted on Nov 30, 2012 in Exercise, Health, Lifestyle & Nutrition Counseling, Personal Training, Uncategorized, Weight Loss | Comments Off on Don’t Wait, Battle the Bulge Now!!

We all get so much busier this time of year that we let our exercise routine fall off our schedules. It is so important to keep exercising during this crazy time of extra eating, tempting desserts, lounging around with family, dining out, and drinking alcoholic beverages. Just make the decision to exercise and stick to it. Put it on your schedule. You’ll can feel so much better, be less stressed and get through the holidays feeling happy and blessed!
It doesn’t have to be a major decision or a huge commitment. I made the choice to exercise at least 30 minutes each day by walking, lifting weights, or both. Anything that will get my heart rate and burn calories and stress. It doesn’t have to be 30 minutes at one time. You can do 10 minute bursts 3 times a day or even do 5 minutes at a time. Once I committed to that, anything extra I can do makes me very happy. You begin to feel a sense of accomplishment each time, each day. That sense of accomplishment can be enough to provide motivation for the next day. Set your goals now! There is NO reason to wait until the New Year to start exercising and really NO reason to put your current exercise schedule aside. Give it a try, keep exercise on your schedule, get enough sleep, and eat enough healthy foods to keep you feeling your best throughout the holiday season. You’ll be so thankful when the New Year gets here and you are still in a nice routine.