Take Time to Sleep this Holiday Season

» Posted on Nov 12, 2012 in Health, Lifestyle & Nutrition Counseling | Comments Off on Take Time to Sleep this Holiday Season

We are all so rushed during the holiday season, trying to squeeze in as much as we can in as little time as possible. Even getting one hour less of sleep per night will compromise your thinking and responding abilities, in addition to cardiovascular health, energy balance and immune function. Staying up late one night because you needed to catch up on work so you can be off on Friday to meet your out of town guests and then sleep in on Saturday morning sounds like a good plan. Trying to make up for lost sleep on the weekend is not a good strategy. Sleeping later on the weekends will affect your sleep-wake cycle and potentially make it harder for you to go to sleep on Sunday evening and to get up on Monday morning. It is good to know that a short nap in the mid-afternoon after an evening of restricted sleep will help maintain clarity and alertness. You may turn to caffeine to help your tiredness during the day. Caffeine alters chemical reactions in the brain causing you to feel more energetic and alert. For the short period of time that caffeine may help it may delay onset, reduce total sleep time and decrease the overall quality of your sleep.
Try your best to stick to your sleep schedule during the holidays will help you feel happier and less stressed!