Healthy Holiday Strategies

» Posted on Nov 7, 2012 in Exercise, Health, Lifestyle & Nutrition Counseling, Weight Loss | Comments Off on Healthy Holiday Strategies

The holidays are upon us…the delicious gifts, parties, desserts at every meal, stressful planning! We are all familiar with it! You need a plan to stay on track. Eat better before and during the holiday season so you don’t carry the extra pounds into next year.

Here are some ideas to help make your plan and avoid gaining weight over the next two months.
-Portion control and optimal food selections.
-Drink a large glass of water just before a big holiday dinner.
-Use a smaller plate.
-Cover most of your plate with vegetables and salad.
-Regular workouts or at least 30 minutes of walking daily.
-Limit sweets to only a taste.
-Tone down alcohol consumption.
-Eat foods that combat stress (dark green veggies, walnuts, tuna, turkey…)
-Use relaxation techniques.
-Surround yourself with supportive people.
-Implement a non-food reward system (new clothes, music downloads, sporting event…)
-Get plenty of sleep.
-Smile and have fun!

I’m not recommending you go on a diet for the holidays. Early planning and preparation for the holidays is helpful. Keep in mind there needs to be some leniency and your main goal is to avoid weight gain and continue exercising.