Healthy Activities to Get the Whole Family Moving This Weekend

» Posted on May 15, 2012 in Exercise, Health, Lifestyle & Nutrition Counseling, Weight Loss | Comments Off on Healthy Activities to Get the Whole Family Moving This Weekend

There are many enjoyable, healthy activities you can do on while spending time with your family during this upcoming, beautiful weekend.  


Normally, weekends are a time for families to be together and sometimes those plans revolve around mealtimes.  Try arranging your plans to focus on fun, physical activity. Head outside with the family!  


Plant some new flowers or trees in the yard or garden. 

Sign up for a 5k race the whole family can do.

Go for a trail walk.

Play a volleyball game using a balloon!

Go to the driving range.

Play softball.

Go for a bike ride.

Play horseshoes or cornhole.

Throw frisbee.

Play mini-golf.

Create a simple obstacle course in your yard and see who can do it the fastest.

Wash the family car!

Go to the park for a swing and maybe a trip down the slide.

Have a good ole fashioned sack race!


 Anything you can do to be up and moving is better than sitting around snacking. An active person is a happier person.  Plan on activity this weekend even if it is only 20 minutes.  Once you admit to yourself it was enjoyable, and your kids loved playing with you, you’ll want to plan more and more activities. Whatever you decide to do make it fun and enjoyable!  Act young to stay young and have a wonderful weekend!