5-minute Break

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You burn a meaningful amount of calories by taking several 5 minute breaks throughout the day.  During a minute of exercise you will burn between 6-10 calories depending on your body type.  So consider that by even taking the minimum of 6 calories for 5 minutes is 30 calories and by doing this three times per day you c0uld burn 90 calories and every day each week would mean 630 calories!

If you aren’t all about the numbers there are many other benefits to getting bursts of exercise in throughout your day.   It helps relieve stress and clear the mind in order to focus on the task at hand.  It naturally (without sugar or caffeine) helps boost your mood and/or energy level.   There is “magic” happening inside your body when you exercise.  You may not realize the immediate benefit but when creating a habit of regular exercise it will benefit you from the inside out.  Turn on the magic!!

Try this for your first five minutes:

1 minute of speed skaters

1 minute of front kicks

1 minute of lunges

30 seconds  of jumping squats

30 seconds of high knee jog

30 seconds of football steps

30 seconds of calf jumps

Call me if you have questions!